Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How long will I be at the office?

Plan to spend the day with us.  Please do not make any appointments or plans for the day.  Most cases are cleared in a few layers, however some cancers require more layers to achieve complete removal. There is no guarantee how many hours your treatment will take.

Will I have a scar?

Yes, anytime your skin is cut there will be a scar. It is our goal to minimize that scar when the site is repaired.

Will I have pain?

Very few patients need any medications stronger than Tylenol after their procedure.

Should I bring someone with me the day of my procedure?

This is entirely up to each patient, if the office feels that you will need a driver to take you home they will inform you at the time you are scheduling your Mohs appointment.

Should I bring food?

Most people will be at the office through lunch so it is a good idea to bring a meal with you.


Preparing for your surgery:



Please continue to take ALL medications prescribed by your doctor including your blood thinners unless otherwise directed.

Please stop ANY AND ALL non-prescribed medicines or herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to the surgery.  If you continue to take them you may be at an increased risk of bleeding during and after your surgery. Here are some examples but remember we want you to stop ANY AND ALL non-prescribed medications: Aspirin/aspirin containing products like  (Anacin, Bufferin, Excedrin, Alka Seltzer or percodan), Advil, Motrin, ibuprofen ,vitamin E, fish oils, garlic, ginger, gingko, etc.

Please DO NOT DRINK alcohol/wine/beer for 3 days before surgery this will increase your risk of bleeding.

You MAY take Tylenol for pain at anytime before surgery, as long as you do not have an allergy to this medication.


The day of your surgery:

Take ALL of your prescribed medicines.

Take ALL antibiotics that we prescribe for you .

Please bring your nitroglycerin tablets and/or your portable oxygen if you use them.

Eat a regular breakfast, bring snacks and/or a packed lunch.

Bring something to pass the time with (hobbies, books, etc), most of your time will be spent waiting for results.