Mohs Procedure

Mohs surgery is a tissue sparing procedure used to treat certain types of skin cancer. The goal of the procedure is to completely remove your skin cancer while harvesting the least amount of healthy surrounding skin. This leaves you with the smallest possible surgical wound of any surgical skin cancer removal technique.  In some cases the wound may be so shallow or small that it will not ever require repair. which in some cases may not even need to be repaired.

The steps are as follows:

> The skin cancer is removed with a small margin of clinically uninvolved/healthy appearing skin.

> The tissue is made into slides in a way that allows Dr. Tutrone to microscopically examine 100% of the margin.

> Any skin cancer seen on these slides is marked on a diagram of your lesion.

> If there is any residual skin cancer the diagram is used as a guide for the next stage of tissue removal.

> The process continues until all the margins are clear of cancer.

> After all your skin cancer has been removed, Dr. Tutrone will explain all necessary followup that you will require and your surgical wound will be repaired.

For more information about the Mohs technique please use the following link:

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